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Star Legions Sales Information

This is the currently available information on Star legions, coming early 2002. Star Legions and the Dice-Shift game system are TM and © Precedence Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  • The first ever Science Fiction Collectible Miniatures Game.
  • Miniatures gaming accessible to everyone.
  • Exceptional quality figures from top artists and sculptors.
  • A revolutionary new way to play miniatures. Unique fire and movement abilities built into each figure.
  • Unique Dice ShiftTM system which resolves combat, unit performance improvement and damage - all with included dice from D4 - D20.
  • Special Attacks and Defenses ranging from Psi-Blast to Phaze Cloaking.
  • Eight major human and alien factions, each with their own unique powers and strategies.
  • Build unique armies from units of all eight factions for endless variability of strategic game play.
  • Everything needed to play included in the Starter Box.
  • Unlimited universe for expansion with new races, new powers, and new battle boards.

Pricing Information

  • Starter Boxes: SRP $18.00, 10 pre-painted, pre-assembled figures per box.
  • 24 boxes per case.
  • Booster Boxes: SRP $6.95. 5 pre-painted, pre-assembled figures per box.
  • 48 boxes per case.
  • Total Set: 80 unique miniatures, each figure collectible in varying strengths.

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