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The Dice-Shift Game SystemTM

This article will review the workings of the resolution system for the Star Legions CMG. Each player in a Star Legions game will use a standard set of hobby gaming dice D4 through D20 (a four sided die through a twenty sided die). These dice will be included in a starter box and are no different then the dice used in the hobby industry for the last 25 years. Additionally, a single player only needs one set of dice to play the game and will typically only be rolling a single die during any resolution step of play.

The key to the entire system is that low is always best. When attacking, the aggressive unit will roll an appropriate offensive die and the defending unit will roll a corresponding defensive die. These die values will be printed on the unit's base. The lowest roll wins, with the defender winning ties. As such a lower die will more likely produce a 'winning' value, but doesn't preclude a weaker (bigger) die from making the lowest roll. With this type of resolution system a weaker or more wounded unit still has the chance of hitting or defending against a bigger unit - though the stronger unit will have the advantage.

The 'shift' element allows wounded or healed units to shift a starting die value down or up the available die slide. No unit can ever roll better than a D4 or worse than a D20, though through combat and conflict can roll values outside their starting die levels. This system brings an established gaming element (the use of standard hobby dice) together with a new resolution format allowing Star Legions to evolve in new directions in the emerging Collectible Miniatures field.

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