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Star LegionsTM Background

One thousand years ago the power of the Justinian Empire was overthrown when the Imperial Core was disintegrated in a sneak attack launched by the Dark swarm fleet. Perishing along with 100 billion bureaucrats and courtiers populating th e immense Habitat Sphere constructed at Junction Three-Zero, was Justinian himself, Emper or of the Inner Galaxies. Ties between the subject worlds of the Empire collapsed as political and spatial links between them were severed. Far-flung Imperial governors scram bled for power as the once great Empire, for aeons connected and controlled through the immense wormhole generator constructed at 0,0,0 coordinate space, splintered in to a thousand isolated system administrations and planetary governments.

Under the old Empire, all trade was mediated and conducted at the Imperial Core. Lacking this central hub of commerce and communication, isolation and ignorance swiftly followed as a lasting legacy of the Empire's collapse. As the millennia passed, memory of the Empire faded in all but a few areas where tattered remnants of the Imperial bureaucracy continued to pursue and exterminate great portions of the Darkswarm.

From out of this widespread chaos, there dawned a new era of exploration and conquest. The times favored those races daring enough to pioneer new links with neighboring galaxies and adventurous enough to discover resources and technology long hidden by the Empire. Giant battle globes which once held sway over entire star systems; vast planetary atmosphere generators capable of sustaining life on inhospitable worlds -- in time these and countless other mighty edifices of the Empire would be re-discovered and used to fuel the ambitions of a new generation of Empire builders. Powerful hybrid armies built upon an incalculable variety of races and technology roamed the stars, each hungry for new conquests and new discoveries. Alliances between the powers of this age were made, broken and renewed in an ever-shifting pattern of ambition and blood. Each day brought with it the news of new battles and betrayals. It was the age of the Star Legions.

The 8 Civilizations

United Worlds

The largest humanoid dominated civilization, the United Worlds was formed by freethinking politicians and philosophers that survived the fall of the Empire. The United Worlds aim to reunite the former Empire worlds as a democratic Republic.

The Swarm

A race of insectoids that functions as a hybrid form of hive mind intelligence. Once, a valued and trusted building component of the Empire, a portion of the Swarm was corrupted and utilized by the Darkshapers to engineer the Empire's destruction.


Evolved in the methane, hydrogen and chlorine atmospheres of gas giants, the NeuroMeths are unlike any other species. In response to their fluid and hostile environment, the NeuroMeths developed mental powers now known as psionics.


Little is known about these dark, malevolent life forms. They were first encountered by the Swarm, and have shown no desire to communicate or cooperate with any known race. The Darkshapers are devoted to the corruption and destruction of everything they come across. They have no physical bodies in this dimension, but instead possess others to serve as physical hosts.

Imperium Deus

A religious revival swept large portions of the old Empire as a direct reaction to the Empire's fall and hysteria over the Darkshapers behind it. When remnants of the old Imperial military establishment forged increasingly strong ties with religious leaders it led ultimately to the formation of "God's Empire".

Celestial Prides

A federation of widely different mammalian races organized into Prides. All owe their allegiance to a hereditary sovereign, know as the Celestial Sun. Pride culture is dominated by principles of honor, duty, loyalty, and obedience to an iron clad warrior's code of conduct. Specializing in personal combat, the Pride's bull-headed TauGrandor are among the fiercest individual warriors to be found in any Legion.

Saurak Hierarchy

An alliance of reptilian races organized into a highly predatory hierarchy dominated by a Supreme Hierarch. Likened to intelligent dinosaurs, Sauraks typically rely as much on mass, hunger, and innate organic ferocity as they do on advanced technology. It is said that to advance in the Hierarchy a Saurak must consume the flesh of their direct superior. Especially frightening is the Saurak ability to rapidly evolve when faced with new threats.

Ra Dynasty

Founded and still led by the last surviving general of the old Empire, the Ra Dynasty is a civilization created from the ground up to reflect the ancient mythologies of legendary Earth. The Emperor Rameses, styling himself as both "leader" and "god", has extended his life indefinitely through the use of advanced robotic enhancement. The civilization he leads is now predominantly cybernetic. The Legions of Ra are organized very much along the old Empire lines although robotic forces have in most cases replaced the original "organic systems" now deemed inferior.

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